AMVETS Radio is broadcasted worldwide to our military members, our veterans and our communities. This radio show is the ONLY show that is ran by a National Veterans Organization. The information that is broadcast on AMVETS Radio show pertains to information that is vital to not only our veterans but also to our veterans families and our community. Topics relating to PTSD, Disaster Relief Efforts, Women Veterans Issues, Veterans who are Serving our Military or Community, and many more important issues that are facing our veterans and our community.


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AMVETS RADIO #61 | May 22 2018

Our guests will be:

Executive Director
Joe Bogart

Director of Public/Legislative Affairs
Melanie Brunson

Previous AMVETS Radio Shows

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AMVETS RADIO #60 | May 15 2018

Our guests will be:

Jerry Wiese

Rickey “Jesse” Eisel

AMVETS National
H.E.A.L. Team
Clinical Advocacy Officer
Christine Zito

to answer questions about the H.E.A.L. program.


Allen Camp, TN Post #90
Alex Conley, 3rd Vice Commander AMVETS POST 45
Alvin Waters, TN Post #5

Becky Greer, TN Hospitality
Bette Lawson, Past National Auxillary President
Bill Kilgore, TN State Service Foundation
Bob Grose, Former National Sons Commander
Brenda Kilgore, Auxillary President, TN Post #7
Brent Middleton, Honor Guard, Post #33 mick
Carl Cook, Club Manager AMVETS POST 45
Carol Hebert, AMVETS Michigan Exec. Director
Carroll Davidson, Veteran, Veterans NRS
Christine Zito, Clinical Advocacy Officers, H.E.A.L. Program
Chuck Ayers, Chattanooga Vet Center

Chuck Petch, Dept. 1st Vice Commander, AMVETS MI
Clay Greenfield, NASCAR & #PLEASESTAND Driver
Clifford Fitzsimmons, State Service Foundation

Clyde Lutrell, TN Post #2
Col. Jimmy Williams, TN Post #100
Conrad Bouchard, National 3rd District Commander
Courtney Cummings, Jr. President
Curtis Rust, State Service Foundation, Post #101
Dale Brown, National Executive Committee, Post #75
Dan Koob, TN Department Commander, Post #13
David Strittmather, Past National Sons Commander
David Hicks, AMVETS Illinois, Department Commander
Dedra Davis, Vice President, Post #13
Derick Everett, Former TN Department Commander
Dick Pelley, Veteran
Donna Gishitomi, AMVETS Hawaii, Director of Family Services
Doug Brown, National Legistravitve Director, Sons of AMVETS
Doyle Nicely, TN Post #175
Dr Yvonne hubbard, Chattanooga Vet Center – Counselor for PTSD
Duane Miskulin, AMVETS NATIONAL Past Commander

Emery A. Perry, Provost Marshall, AMVETS NY #10-13
Ernie Rumsby, Commander/Pres TCMAC, TN Post #37
Farnaz Firoz, Clinical Advocacy Officers H.E.A.L. Program
Glenn Taylor, TN Post #45
Greg Heum, National 3rd Vice Commander
Harold Chapman, Past National Commander
Henry Slayton, 2nd Vice Commander, TN Post #36
Howard Pinkston, TN Post #39
Ivy Cook, Past Jr. President
James Clifton, Dept. Commander, AMVETS AL/Post #23

James Spreng, Commander, Dept. of New Jersey
Jan Brown, National 2nd Vice Commander
Jason Murphy, Commander, Cookeville, TN Post #44
Jerry Dewitt, AMVETS Maine District I Commander
Jerry Wiese, Founder VETFEST 2018

Jim Wyrick, TN Post #72
Jimmy Duncan, AMVETS Illinois District III Commander

Jimmy T. Smith, TN State Service Foundation Officer
Joan Sira AMVETS NATIONAL 3rd Vice Commander
John Forgety, TN House Representative
Jonathan Poles, Commander, AMVETS PA Post #100

Joe Chenelly, National Executive Director
Joe Currington, Elks Lodge

Joey King, 2nd Vice Commander, TN Post #389
John Flores, Judge Advocate, AMVETS Minnesota
John Santana, Veteran

Josh Pack, President, Community for Heroes
Karla Stewart Lathroum, National Program Director

Kattie Kinney, TN Post #22
Kathy Campbell, National Communciations Officer AMVETS Riders
Keith Wetherell, AMVETS ILLINOIS Executive Director
Kristie Frye, National Executive Committee Auxillary

Kurt Van Meter, Singer/Songwriter
Lana N. McKenzie, AMVETS National Chief Medical Executive H.E.A.L. Program

Larry Combs, Former Sons Commander
Marcus Ford, TN Post #36
Marion Polk, National Commander
Maria Rodriguez, NEC Member, Post 113, Irwindale, CA
Mark Ciesla, FL Sons Legislative Director
Mark Frederick, Commander, TN Post #22
Mark Goff, Marine/Songwriter
Mark Kane, Gesundheit Institute, Clownvet & Vietnam Veteran
Michael Oliver, National Service Officer
Michelle Pennalton, Ladies Aux. President KY Post 61
Mick Ciesla, Webmaster, Sons Florida
Mike Inman, Commander, TN Post #2
Dr. Mike O’Conner, Gesundheit Institute, Psychologist (Retired)
Myles Megliera, National Magazine Editor
Ralph Land. Representative to TN. Leigistrative Body, Post #1776
Rebecca Matiola, Clinical Advocacy Officers H.E.A.L. Program

Rege Riley, National 1st Vice Commander
Richard Holt, 2nd Vice Commander
Rick “Jesse” Eisel US Air Force Veteran, Musician
Rob Quick, AMVETS Riders Past President
Rob Watikins, Veteran THE VIEW FROM THE BUNKER Writer
Ron Bottomly, Commander, TN Post #1776
Sam Jones, Finance Officer, TN Post #37
Sharon Rust, Auxillary President, TN Post #101, Smithville
Steve Norwood AMVETS Dept of TN 1st Vice Commander
Steve Stephens, AMVETS AR Post #7, WW2 Navy Veteran
Susan Peglow, McMinn County Veterans Service Officer
Terry Corson, Dept of FL Commander/National Inspector General
Terry Reece, Commander, AMVETS AR Post #7
Tim Woody AMVETS TN Post #911 Commander
Tommy Knight, AMVETS New Mexico Dept Commander
Tom Payton, Commander, National Sad Sacks


Daniel Koob

 Col. Jimmy Williams

Elks Lodge #1944

 Gordon Mikitka