Conrad J. Bouchard, NATIONAL District 3 Commander AMVETS 
On a recent trip to Knoxville, TN to attend their State Executive Committee Meeting I Had the honor of being invited to be on one of AMVETS Radio.  During my portion of the broadcast we discussed many issues ranging from AMVETS to items of information for Veterans and it occurred to me that this was a great tool not only for the benefit of AMVETS but for Veterans in general.  This is a way to reach a large number of Veterans who are in need of help for both PTSD and getting the benefits that they are entitled to receive.  In the words of Winston Churchill “Never has so many owed so much too so few”.  These Veterans answered the call of their Country and made sacrifices to keep and preserve freedom. To ask me any questions about my experience with AMVETS Radio, please call (318)-715-0356 or email me anytime

Daniel Koob, State Commander of TENNESSEE AMVETS
The AMVETS have been very fortunate to have the AMVETS radio show that is broadcast worldwide to our military members, our veterans and our community. This radio show is the only show that is ran by a national veterans organization. The information that is broadcast on the radio show pertains to information that is vital to not only our veterans but also to our veterans families and our community.

There has been topics relating to:

  • PTSD
  • Disaster Relief Efforts
  • Women Veterans Issues
  • Veterans who are Serving our Military and our Community 
  • and many more important issues that are facing our veterans and our community.
This show is a great place to air to the world the issues that are important to our veterans and our community. Our troops in foreign countries are listening to this radio show and it is a tremendous opportunity for them to hear from the AMVETS and to know that our country has not forgot them! In closing, The AMVETS would be honored for the support of the businesses in helping us achieve our goal of reaching out to as many military members, veterans, and the community. Thank You very much and may God bless America!